A Vasectomy Revisited

This is a recycled post I discovered through Random Posts. Jody wrote it.

I got a vasectomy today. It took about 10 minutes: you put on a backwards gown, lie down, they shave you a bit, wipe iodine or something over your groin, insert a needle to freeze your balls, massage your scrotum to find the tube that has to be cut, cut ya open, cut that tube, tie one end then burn it shut, insert another needle for freezing, tie up the other cut end of the tube, burn that end, tie the incision closed, and that’s it.

My balls feel 10 times heavier, but otherwise, little pain. They prescribed antibiotics, just in case, and Tylenol 3, if needed. I’m supposed to apply ice to that area often for the next couple of days to reduce swelling. They recommend a bag of peas instead of ice.

What did you do today?