Banjo Stylings of Old Man Luedecke

I’m not fond of loud crowded pubs, but Old Man Luedecke is playing at The Ship tonight, so I’m going to give it a go. Not once in my life have I seen anyone play a banjo. It’s just something I’ve never been exposed to. I got a banjo last year for my birthday but haven’t had the time to learn it. Too busy trying to make a living and all that crap. I’m thinking I should have picked up a six-string banjo first and then worked my way up to 5 strings once I had the time to get into it. That would have killed the learning curve and at least I would have been playing something over the past year instead of barely touching my 5-stringer. I’m moving into a new house, though, in about 2 weeks where I can let loose on the banjo without disturbing any upstairs neighbours (a severe deterrent for many of my current musical ambitions, as unambitious as they are). If I get any good, I’ll start posting banjo stuff in the fall. That’s something to look forward to.

So I’m going to check out Old Man Luedecke tonight and hope the experience inspires me to get off my butt and start playing the banjo. I’ll update this post tomorrow after I’ve seen the show, if there’s anything to report. That’s something else to look forward to.

You can go back to ignoring this blog now. That’s if you’ve read this far, which you probably haven’t. Good thing, because if you keep reading this to the end, you’ll — shit, gotta go!

Old Man Luedecke was fantastic. I’m definitely dusting off my old banjo as soon as I move into our new house. I loved it. His banjo playing is just as versatile as any guitar or stringed instrument I’ve heard. The Old Man should put out a live CD.

UPDATE #2: I wrote this as a comment, but here it is again. My take on seeing Old Man Luedecke live at a pub in St. John’s, Newfoundland:
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