Cheap C To D Battery Convertor

Quick hack: The $1 C-to-D adapter:

You want to power your gizmo that runs on D cells, but all that you have handy are C cells… you can solve this problem by using the C cell and making up the battery length difference with a few quarters— typically three or four.

I haven’t tried it. Will the voltage difference screw up the electronic device? I’d give it a go, though.

Swallowing An “AAA” Battery

iain almost standingI got a 5am call this morning (I’m in Flint, Michigan again) from my wife: our 12 month old son may have swallowed an AAA battery. He was playing with a remote that took 3 AAA batteries, when she noticed the battery cover was off. She took the remote from him but she could only find 2 batteries. It’s an old remote, so there may have been only 2 in it, and she looked everywhere for the 3rd but couldn’t find it. So, 1) He swallowed the 3rd battery; 2) The 3rd battery fell out and hasn’t been found; 3) There is no 3rd battery.

batteriesMy initial thought was there is no way he could’ve swallowed one. He would’ve gagged because it’s so long (she was near him the whole time), and I doubt his small throat could even get it down. I googled swallow aaa battery and didn’t find anything helpful. He isn’t showing symptoms that anything is wrong; no choking, no vomiting, no crying… he’s acting normal.

In any case, he’s being taken to the hospital, just in case.

It’s hard not to feel guilty about these type of incidents. You ensure your house is baby-proof, keeping small objects off the floor; electrical outlets are blocked; stairs have gates; cupboards are locked. You’d give your own life for your child’s. But shit happens.

I’ll post updates as comments.