Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?

Someone asks as you’re leaving a coffee shop: “Excuse me, could you spare a little change for a coffee?”

What do you do?

  • Say “No, sorry”, without breaking your stride, even if you have change.
  • Don’t say anything, just shaking your head “No”, even if you have change.
  • Scrutinize them first, seeing how they look; do they appear destitute? Are they worthy, in your eyes, of your change? If you’re male and it’s a nice looking female asking, would it matter? If your female and it’s a male, does it matter? That brings up the questions: why don’t you ever see attractive homeless people? Is that a callous question?
  • Say “No”, and then go back into the coffee shop and tell the manager about the person loitering.
  • Stop and give them change. But how much? Enough for a coffee? All your change, no matter how much you have?

This morning I did the second item.