A Swift Kick In The Butt

calvin hobbes swift kick in the buttA buddy (Greg) got a new router yesterday (a computer router, Steve), but he didn’t mention that I was with him and that I almost drove a pen through the sales guy’s left eye.

Our first mistake was pausing in the main aisle, wondering where they stocked routers; one of the dozens of sales folks buzzing around in hunger noticed our confused look and latched on to it.

“Can I help you guys?”, he asks.

Our second mistake was not responding with “No.”

Instead, one of us says,”We’re looking for a wireless router.”

It went downhill from there.

He asks us what we plan on using the router for (duh), what internet provider we’re using… stupid shit that I’m sure non-techie folks may appreciate; I didn’t have the patience.

I interrupted him: “He wants the cheapest wireless router.”

He comes back with, “Well…” I started reaching for my pen then, but walked away instead.

That reminds me of the occasional support call I have to make to my internet provider (ISP). My cable modem used to stop working a lot and I’d have to get the ISP to reset the connection from their end, but everytime I made the call they made me jump through hoops: “Press Start, then Run. Then type CMD…” I’d always interrupt them: “You want my IP address? Right. Here. You want to to renew the adapter? Done.”

I wish computer support folks could filter out the techies from the non-techies, though I know it’s impossible.

For you American folks, Future Shop, where the incident took place, is owned by Best Buy.