“Public Enemies” is Underwhelming

I saw Public Enemies last night, directed by Michael Mann, starring Johnny Depp. It’s the dullest movie I’ve seen this year. I like the trailer more than the movie.

From FilmJerk.com:

Rarely has a wonderland of hardened gangsters, flighty dames, and widescreen bank robbing been rendered this lifeless… “Public Enemies” is stuck in neutral and it’s difficult to isolate the primary flawed component of the picture. There’s so much inertia and crummy decision making in play here, reducing “Enemies” to a 140-minute-long countdown to nowhere; a film blessed with a massive budget to go damn near anywhere it pleases within a neglected genre, and Mann picks a dead air, faux-cerebral approach to dramatize the (sorta) life and times of John Dillinger.