Working In Antarctica

The British Antarctic Survey is hiring:

Research is conducted at five Antarctic stations: Rothera, Halley and Signy on the continent proper, while King Edward Point and Bird Island are in the sub-Antarctic region of South Georgia.
Our research has a global context. No matter where you’re based, you could be involved in projects that tackle a whole range of environmental issues – such as ozone monitoring and climate change. Many join us wishing to “go South” and experience Antarctica first-hand. It’s an amazing experience, and you can find out more about it here.

For Carpenters/Builders:

The salary will be in the range of £18,338 to £21,203 per annum pro rata, dependent on skills and experience. An Antarctic Allowance of £2,157 pa (pro-rata) is paid for all time spent south of the Falkland Islands, and a performance bonus may also be payable. Clothing, accommodation, and messing are provided free.

1 Pound = 2.33773 Canadian, so £20,000 = $46,754.61 Canadian. I expected more.

Working there is more popular than I imagined. I’d do it if I was a bachelor.