A Guide To Tits

Know your tits, a useful guide to identifying different types of tits. The Varied Tit isn’t listed – they have an olive tone; quite pleasant to the eye.

Some rumblings about Birdy by William Wharton

I’ve been re-reading some William Wharton novels since he died a little over a month ago. It’s been slow going because I’ve been busy, but the first title up was Birdy. It’s about two guys, Birdy and Al, who becomes friends in school and raise pigeons together. Birdy has such a love for birds, he eventually begins to dream he’s a bird. Then they’re drafted into the army to fight

Little Bird Video

A little bird video. I know it’s not in the same league as J-Walk’s cleaning the pool video, but next weekend I’ll wake up early and record the bird(s) using my good video camera instead of the crappy one, and in the sunlight instead of the shade. You’ll see. It’s gonna be great. The best part is when the bird flies away. I recommend cranking the volume to bring yourself