I Didn’t Win The Lotto, But I DID Win…

I received a call while in Ottawa from the company I order my home oil from:

Mr. Cairns? This is Blue Wave. You won a $2000 Entertainment Center.

After I tell them to Fuck Off, asking if they’re serious, they laugh (I like people who don’t take swearing seriously) and say they are serious. It’s the 2nd prize given in a contest for referring people to their company.

Congratulations also go out to Jody Caines from Moncton for winning a $2,000 Home Entertainment Package. Jody referred a friend to the Thermoshell branch in Moncton.

They spelled my last name wrong.

The $2000 doesn’t HAVE to go towards a Home Entertainment Package. I pick the electronic store I want the gift certificate made out to, where I could buy $2000 worth of blank VHS tapes.

So, what should I buy with my $2000?