One of Phillip’s Favourite Songs (Percy Mayfield)

Whenever this song pops up in the mix, no matter what mood I’m in, it gets me in a groove. The vocals by Percy Mayfield are soulful and evil. The rhythm of the band playing back and forth is sublime. The arrangement is full of blues but something else I can’t pin down. The song is called “Nothing Stays the Same Forever.” I got it off a compilation years ago called “Atlantic Blues: Vocalists.”

And the video for the song is just dandy (the song begins around the 11-second mark.)

Black Snake Moan

Black Snake Moan is definitely the coolest movie I saw in 2007. This movie sweats cool.

From Berardinelli’s review: “Black Snake Moan… opens with a hot sex scene followed shortly thereafter by the sight of a girl writhing on the ground in apparent sexual frustration. Later, there’s booze and blues and black-and-blue marks. There’s a (white) girl in chains [Christina Ricci] and a (black) man holding the key [Samuel L. Jackson]. The film pushes more buttons than an elevator operator but, in the end, Black Snake Moan works to turn expectations upside down. The movie has things to say about race and religion and the pain of loneliness, and it does so with considerable offbeat wit.”