One of Phillip’s Favourite Songs (Percy Mayfield)

Whenever this song pops up in the mix, no matter what mood I’m in, it gets me in a groove. The vocals by Percy Mayfield are soulful and evil. The rhythm of the band playing back and forth is sublime. The arrangement is full of blues but something else I can’t pin down. The song is called “Nothing Stays the Same Forever.” I got it off a compilation years ago

Black Snake Moan

Black Snake Moan is definitely the coolest movie I saw in 2007. This movie sweats cool. From Berardinelli’s review: “Black Snake Moan… opens with a hot sex scene followed shortly thereafter by the sight of a girl writhing on the ground in apparent sexual frustration. Later, there’s booze and blues and black-and-blue marks. There’s a (white) girl in chains [Christina Ricci] and a (black) man holding the key [Samuel L.