Ebert on Books

Roger Ebert is talking about books now, and brother can I relate. I cannot throw out these books. Some are protected because I have personally turned all their pages and read every word; they’re like little shrines to my past hours. Perhaps half were new when they came to my life, but most are used, and I remember where I found every one. The set of Kipling at the Book

Moncton’s Annual Used Book Fair

Moncton has an annual used book sale at a curling club in the Spring. Every couple of years I purge my books for those I don’t want, delivering them to the local fire station with the kids (because every kid loves fire stations). Moncton‘s longest running used book sale is once again looking for donations of gently used books. The 47th Annual Book Fair will be held at the Beaver

Books, Books, Books

My Dad saves the Books supplement from Saturday’s Globe and Mail every week; I like to read book reviews, hopeful I may be a reviewer one day. This week he also dropped off books he recently finished, including some I lent him: Evan’s Gate by Rhys Bowen. I haven’t heard of this novel or author. Lines On The Water by David Adams Richards. I think Phillip owns this or gave

A Review Of “The Memory Of Running” by Ron McLarty

The Memory Of Running by Ron McLarty Rating: (8/10) This excellent novel reminded me of The Lovely Bones, although it’s completely different. Both start with death, with the protagonist working through their family and themselves dealing with it, then closure at the end of the story; however, The Lovely Bones’ protagonist is a dead 14 year old. The Memory Of Running‘s protagonist is a chain-smoking, forty-three year old alcoholic with

A Review Of “The Lovely Bones” By Alice Sebold

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold Rating: (7/10) Mr. Harvey killed the narrator of this tale. She’s 14 years old in heaven, first describing how he lured her into “a hiding place”, raped and killed her (one and the same to many), then describing her family’s aftermath of dealing with her death. Soon after she’s killed, her mother unknowingly meets the murderer on the street: Mr. Harvey told her the