Boston Pizza’s Waitresses Are Competing With Hooters

cleavage cartoonI went to a Boston Pizza in New Minas, N.S. last weekend for take-out, discovering the employees had a wardrobe I never saw before: low-cut, tight black t-shirts.

Waitress: Hi! May I help you?
Me: (staring at cleavage)
Waitress: That your son? What’s his name?
Me: (staring at another cleavage)
Waitress: Can he have a toy?
Me: (staring at original cleavage)
Waitress: Hello? What would you like?
Me: (ignoring poke in arm while staring at another passing cleavage)

My son ran around the restaurant, taking pepper and salt shakers off tables, pouring their contents into his hand and licking it. A good excuse for me to explore the restaurant and ensure the employees were wearing proper attire.