I Almost Switched to Chrome Today

My default browser is Firefox and has been for years. I’m not a Luddite. I have enough technical skill to customize my browser so it’s just the way I like it, but I prefer to keep my browsing options simple. For instance, I don’t use RSS readers. If I can’t go to a site on my own, then I probably don’t need the information anyway. So that’s where I am

Switching from Firefox to Chrome

In 2004 I switched from Internet Explorer to FireFox. I’m now switching from Firefox to Chrome. I’ve played with Chrome occasionally since it was released, but now it supports Extensions, similar to Firefox’s addons, enabling me to block ads and other annoying website “features” (usually flash-specific). Google’s Chrome browser has these advantages over Firefox: It’s noticably faster for me – starting up and browing websites. Its interface has less clutter,

What about Opera?

Firefox doesn’t work on my PC anymore. (I wrote a comment about it.) I removed all recently-installed programs incase they were the source of the problem. I did a virus scan and a spyware scan. I removed Firefox, defragged my hard drive, and reinstalled Firefox. It’s still not working, and I’m not interested in wasting anymore time trying to fix it (unless it’s an easy fix I’ve overlooked). So I’m