Buckley’s Medicine

Buckley's medicineBuckley’s is a cough medicine made in Canada famous for its strong, overpowering taste: imagine alcoholic sap from a pine tree mixed with menthol and a hint of lemon (although it contains no alcohol). Their slogan suggests that its effect is psychosomatic: it has to work because it tastes so bad. Its non-medical ingredients:

Canada Balsam, Carrageenan, Glycerin, Pine Needle Oil, Sodium Butylparaben, Sodium Cyclamate, Sodium Propylparaben, Tincture of Capsicum and Water.


I like its taste for the same reason I like hot, dijon mustard in some masochistic way. Plus it makes my daughter laugh seeing me try to swallow it. Buckley’s picture gallery of customers is amusing.

I’ve had a cold for almost two weeks now, taking this and other concoctions to stifle my running nose and cough. Yesterday, a new ailment hit me: a tender spot on my left side, near the bottom of my ribcage made its self known. Touching it hurts, but there’s no bruise or obvious damage there. What the hell do I have now? What organs are located in that area?