A Cairns Plays Professional Hockey

While googling myself today (almost sounds naughty), I stumbled on this hockey jersey. It belongs to Eric Cairns of the Pittsburgh Penguins. He’s a Canadian, too! From Oakville, Ontario. We might be 20th cousins or so. I played hockey for one season, when I has five years old or so.

Balancing Rocks

Rock On, Rock ON! The Balanced Rock Art of Bill Dan: I know there are rational explanations for this, know that an engineer with a computer and a couple of calibrators could calculate the exact angle and intersection of repose. But that’s beside the point. This looks cool, but must require a lot of patience. Update: They have a page about my name, Cairns: The simplest cairns are often a

How Popular is Your Name?

At Name Statistics you can search for your first and last names to see how popular they are based on a U.S. Census. Cairns is the #6095 most common last name. 0.002% of last names in the US are Cairns. Around 5000 US last names are Cairns!

Scottish Baby Names

My wife and I are beginning to debate possible baby names now; that is, we’re disagreeing with each other all the time. We’d like to have a Scottish name due to the Cairns Scottish heritage (unlike my first name, Jody, which is Hebrew or something for Are you a boy or girl, and is that with an “i”, “ie”, or “y”?). Google returns 118,000 1,590,000 hits (updated Nov. 9, 2006)

Cairns Brothers Brewing Company

The Cairns Brothers Brewing Company doesn’t appear to be a big company, and the doctored photos on their site are funny. Early experiments, such as a green beer made especially for St. Patrick’s Day, met with limited success, and were chalked up as “learning experiences.” No relation to me (I hope). I’d rather get in the scotch business.