Leaders Debate Transcript

The next Canadian federal election happens on May 2nd, 2011. The leaders of each political party will have in total a little over a month to campaign. I’m not confident in the ability of any of them to lead the country, and last night’s leaders debate didn’t help, though I admit Jack Layton didn’t remind me of Alex Trebek as much as I thought he would. Way to go Jack! My favourite moment from Jack was when he said this — and I quote:

“Stephen Harper’s tax cuts are for wealthy corporations, who will just use them to, I don’t know, stuff their pillows, or something — I’ve never really understood how this stuff works. The New Democrats would provide a tax break to any corporation that created a job. That’s the best reason to vote New Democrat.”

Anyway, for those how missed the debate, the transcript is finally available online from Points of Information. If you care about Canada, I suggest you read it.

Survey Says I’m a Liberal

I did an online questionnaire from the CBC: Whose views are most like yours?

canada political leaders

It seems the Liberals are my party and I’m most likely never to vote for the Conservatives.

Locally, if I were to vote for the best person in my riding, I’d probably pick the Liberal candidate. I side more with the NDP, but our NDP candidate doesn’t seem mentally stable enough to be in a position of power.

In terms of the best down to earth party leader, I’d vote for Elizabeth May. The rest of them seem like a bunch of clowns, though if I had to choose one guy, the lesser of the evils I suppose, I’d go with Michael Ignatieff. He needs to work on his public persona, put the kibosh on that stupid grin, and he needs to answer his questions with less evasion, but he’s got to be better than Stephen Harper who may be good with money, but in every other area of politics is full of lies. Harper is not an honourable guy. I don’t believe a word he says about anything. If the Conservatives want to win a majority, they need to get rid of Harper. I’d like to get rid of all of them, though (except Elizabeth May), and inject some new blood into politics. None of the leaders of the major parties are inspiring.

Prince William and Princess Kate To Visit Canada

prince william princess kate not nakedOh my god I’m so excited! Prince William, Kate to visit Canada in June, July:

Prince William and Kate Middleton will spend Canada Day the way the prince’s grandmother, the Queen, did last year, in Ottawa.

You Americans need some royalty bullshit to enlighten your lives. Oh wait, you do: Lady Gaga. Or is it Charlie Sheen today?

I wrote “Princess Kate” there in the title. I don’t think she’s a Princess until they have sex.

Update: They done got married, but the highlight of the weddings was the cool hats.

“Pontypool” Creeped Me Out

My #1 recommendation for a Halloween rental this year is Pontypool, directed by Bruce McDonald. If engaging the audience and provoking an emotional response is a measure of success for a movie, then Pontypool gets full marks from me. Seeing it in a theatre 6 months ago, I remember sitting up in my seat holding onto the armrest for the second half of it thinking, “Man, this is creeping me out.” It took me for a ride. The idea for the story is that language, the spoken word, is a virus — a virus that will turn you into a zombie if you don’t shut up.

The story appropriately takes place in a small town rural radio station where we can’t see what’s happening but we hear live reports from a guy in the street witnessing the mayhem of people slowly turning into zombies — and this is where your imagination goes nuts. As most people in radio will tell you, sound is a visual medium. The audience is engaged by listening, hearing the story unfold. Then we watch the reactions of the people at the radio station. There aren’t many zombies in the movie, but we don’t need to see them to feel their presence. Then comes the question, “How do you prevent the spreading of a verbal disease when you can’t talk about it, especially when you work at a talk-radio station?” The possible answers to this question are intriguing and entertaining. Although not a perfect movie, Pontypool succeeds so well at engaging the imagination to scare the crap out of you, while providing plenty of laughs along the way, it’s a perfect movie for the Halloween season.

“Pontypool” is based on the book of by Tony Burgess.