What the hell is happening in Canada? (part 2)

Don Newman of the CBC writes:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is apparently like someone with a drinking problem who can keep it under control much of the time, but just when it seems not to be a problem, falls off the wagon with damaging consequences.

Harper’s problem isn’t booze. He doesn’t partake. His problem is excessive partisanship. Even when he was publicly calling for more political co-operation, he was attempting to cripple his political opponents financially.

Harper’s falling off the co-operation wagon triggered all that followed for the next seven days. It led him to create the worst national unity tensions we have seen since 1995 and a humiliating trip to Rideau Hall to get the Governor General to save him from his folly. Harper should get into a 12-point program to control his partisanship.

It’s an entertaining but informative article, another case of, “If I don’t laugh, I’m going to cry.” I’ve read more than a few of these articles since Harper prorogued parliament. (Prorogue is the new buzz word in Canada.) If this keeps up, we’ll have to add a politics category to Steel White Table.

Who are you voting for?

We’re having a general election in Canada on October 14th, 2008. I have a few questions:

1) If you’re Canadian, what party are you voting for?

2) Why are you voting for that party?

3) If you’re not Canadian but you follow Canadian politics (which is likely no one), of the 5 political party leaders, who would you vote for, and why?

4) Back to Canadians: From the 5 party leaders listed below, from best to worst, who do you think would be less likely to do the most damage if they were Prime Minster?

I know these aren’t the most probing questions. I’m not expecting many responses. But what the hell. We have a blog here. We might as well use it.

Green Party: Elizabeth May.
New Democratic Party (NDP): Jack Layton.
Bloc Quebecois: Gilles Dueceppe.
Liberal: St├ęphane Dion.
Conservative: Stephen Harper.

I haven’t provided direct links to any of the party web sites. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t vote for any of them if I visited their web sites or saw any of their campaign ads on TV. I get most of my news from CBC Radio and CBC.ca.