Fountain Photos

Urban Oases: For many years now, I have traveled the cities of this world in order to experience their public (and not-so-public) fountains. I present this limited selection of my aquatic exploits as my personal ode to the majestic manmade water sculptures of this world. He introduces his Canadian pictures with: What is it about Canada that inspires Canadians to build so many wonderful fountains? I think Canadians are just

Who Is The Greatest Canadian?

We Canadians seem to be sensitive about our patriotisim, making a point about how different we are from Americans (understandably, due to the influence of Amercian culture on our’s via television, movies, and commercialism). The Greatest Canadian is a CBC show meant to decide, well, the greatest Canadian. This is so subjective it’s silly, but it IS a great history learning opportunity. I haven’t seen the the show yet, but

Canadian English

Cornerstone’s Canadian English Page: This page explains the major differences between Canadian English and its British and American compatriots, follows the debate over colour and color, talks about place names and French, then looks at some unique Canadian vocabulary and ends with a short essay on pronunciation and regional variations. Some examples of Canadian English differences: College: A Canadian college is very different from an American college. An American college