The Gum That Tastes Like Soap

Thrills: that purple gum that tastes like soap. The manufacturer even use the slogan: It still tastes like soap! I found Thrills in Freak Lunchbox, a wonderful candy store on Barrington Street in Halifax, close to Doull’s used book store. Freak Lunchbox is a treasure of candy memories: Bottle Caps, Laffy Taffy, Charleston Chew, Garbage Candy (came in little plastic garbage cans)… My daughter bought a five dollar lollipop the

Liquorice Can Make You Dumb

Eating liquorice in pregnancy may affect a child’s IQ and behavior: Women who ate more than 500mg of glycyrrhizin per week – found in the equivalent of 100g of pure liquorice – were more likely to have children with lower intelligence levels and more behavioural problems. Glycyrrhizin is 30-50 times sweeter than white sugar. Twizzlers, the popular licorice-type candy, does not contain anything from the licorice plant, hence it contains

How Long Can You Chew Sour Candy?

I’m not a fan of voyeur-type films and TV shows like America’s Funniest Home Videos, but Sour Death Balls is different. First, the music is edited well with the scenes, and second, it’s amusing. You can feel their conflict about enjoying the yummy candy, yet the discomfort of its flavor. Oh the torment! The film won awards back in 1993 when it was released. UPDATE: It was removed from YouTube

Licorice Panties You Can Make Yourself

Panties With 302 Calories: Always wanted a pair of edible panties? Been too embarrassed to buy them, or had no time for an extra shopping trip? […] The clever knitter can make her own pair in a jiffy for very low dough! The supplies can be picked up on a regular Friday errand route — chopsticks with the Chinese takeout, candy at the video store — and no one will