The Best Selling Car

cozy coupe toy carAmerica’s best-selling car isn’t what you might think…

Little Tikes Co. of Hudson, Ohio has released sales figures for its iconic Cozy Coupe showing that it has outsold all of those four-door family sedans throughout its 30-year production run. That’s right, the red plastic coupe with the yellow top turns 30 this year, and last year alone the company moved 457,000 of them…

We have one of those. Pain in the ass to push, but the kids love it.

Toyota Matrix Roof Rack

toyota matrix roof rackI ordered a roof rack for my 2004 Toyota Matrix today. My parent’s canoe has been stored in my garage for five years, ever since they moved from a house to an apartment. I have never used the canoe, although I did canoe a lot in my youth – I loved it; but now that the kids are older, I’m feeling compelled to dust the canoe off and start using it.

The roof rack costs $195 (Canadian) plus tax at the dealer. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. although I priced them an other stores a couple months ago and I remember that price being competitive (despite being from a dealer).

Update (May 22, 2008)
: It took me about an hour to install the damn rack. They recommend it not be installed if it’s not being used, but it’s a pain to put on so I won’t be taking it off again. The horizontal screws that help tighten the clamps to the roof are a tad too wide for the slot they slide into, making it hard to judge how tight the clamp really is. I hope it doesn’t come off while I have the canoe on top. It looks nice, though.

My rack is positioned differently than in the picture on this post; mine is closer towards the front, where the one in that image appears to be towards the rear.

A Review Of The Movie “Cars”

Cars movie posterCars is good. Caitlyn and I disagree with Phillip’s assessment of the movie; we liked it.

Cars is a film from Pixar, the company behind the computer-animated films such as Finding Nemo and Toy Story, and this one raises the animation bar, as does every new film from Pixar seems to do.

The film opens with a stunning (due to the computer graphics) car race. The main character (a car – in fact, even the flies are cars) then has to travel to another car race, getting stuck in a forgotten town in the desert, learning the pleasure of the slow life.

Caitlyn, my five year old daughter, didn’t fidget sitting through it; she watched the whole thing, mesmerized by the talking cars. “It wasn’t a funny movie, Daddy”, she said afterwards, but we didn’t get bored. I chuckled a few times at some adult humor; the story is predictable, but it has a nice message.

Life Is A Highway, the hit song by Canada’s Tom Cochrane, was featured in it, but not Tom’s version. It was butchered by some other group.

Before Cars started there was a short film called One Man Band, a nice story about two street performers competing over a coin a small girl is about to throw into a fountain.