“Traumatized” Cat

We woke up this morning and discovered Winston was locked in our tiny front porch all night. From Cats He wasn’t scratching to get out and seemed totally cool about it. We felt bad, anyway, and gave him some treats, and then he ran to the litter box. Five minutes later he curled up and went to sleep on a chair.

How often does your cat puke?

My cat, Nigel, has been on a barfcapade. He used to puke up a hairball about once a month and it was no big deal, but every day for the past couple weeks he’s been spewing up everything all over the place. Today he puked on the couch, god love ’em. I’m not sure if our second cat, Winston, has ever puked, god love ’em. How often does your cat

Ode To Fred

I’m taking our 14 year old cat (the black and white one) to the veterinarian in about an hour to be euthanized. She never was a friendly cat, but she’s become worse the past year: swiping at our other cat and anyone who gets to close to her; not using the litter box regularly; isolating herself from everything. She still has that growth on her leg, but it hasn’t gotten