Cauliflower Popcorn On CBC Radio

As I posted about previously, this week’s episode of CBC Radio’s Spark includes an audio clip from the (now) famous Cauliflower Popcorn video.

You can listen to the full episode via the mp3 they make available. You can hear me around the 7:20 minute mark and during the credits at the end. The show is broadcast nationally at 11:30am (Atlantic Time) on Wednesdays.

Big thanks to Dan and the rest of the Spark crew for allowing me and us other common-folk to contribute to their show.

The cauliflower popcorn video:

Cauliflower Popcorn Video

Jody and Caitlyn decided to make cauliflower popcorn (6mins, 9mb) by roughly following this recipe. The result in the best episode of Sunday Morning Scoff ever.

Jody had this to say about it: “It was a fun experiment. We’ll make another video someday, although I don’t know of what.” (Music by Greg Brown.)

Update: I’ve been J-Walked and linked to from other sites.

Another update: The video is now available courtesy of Google Video:

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