My 30 Year Old Motorcycle

My 30 year old Honda CB550 motorcycle is making me nervous. Last year its electrical system wasn’t acting normal: fuses would blow every week or so. I eventually put a higher voltage (I think) in it, which seems to have solved the problem, but it made me nervous: I fear the 30 year old part will break on me while I’m traveling fast on a highway. I put the battery

My Motorcycle Is New Again

I picked my ’78 Honda 550k motorcycle today after it spent a week at the shop. It needed a new rear tire (you could see the threads), plus the shifter gasket was replaced, and standard stuff was adjusted: valves, carbs… [insert engine lingo]. It runs BEAUTIFULLY now: quieter and smoother. Having a good mechanic work on a motorcycle is like getting a new bike in the end. Irishtown Cycle did

Honda CB550

Now that I have my motorcycle license and have been driving a 250 for two weeks, I’ve been actively looking for a motorcycle to buy. Yesterday someone told me about a 1978 Honda CB550Four K that’s for sale, so I visited the seller and fell in love with the bike: it’s in perfect condition. The seller’s asking $2000 (Canadian) for it, which is steep for a bike that old, but