“The Beachcombers” Online

Hey, we can watch The Beachcombers online! Click the image to watch the episode in which “Nick and the Reach family banish Relic to Conventry and declare him invisible because they believe he has killed McLoskey. Relic discovers advantages to the situation and Nick and Margaret decide to exorcise him to stop the mischevious goings-on.” Yeah!

Can you hum the theme music? Danger Bay got nothing on The Beachcombers.

I know what I’m watching on my netbook in bed tonight. The Beachcombers!

Survey Says I’m a Liberal

I did an online questionnaire from the CBC: Whose views are most like yours?

canada political leaders

It seems the Liberals are my party and I’m most likely never to vote for the Conservatives.

Locally, if I were to vote for the best person in my riding, I’d probably pick the Liberal candidate. I side more with the NDP, but our NDP candidate doesn’t seem mentally stable enough to be in a position of power.

In terms of the best down to earth party leader, I’d vote for Elizabeth May. The rest of them seem like a bunch of clowns, though if I had to choose one guy, the lesser of the evils I suppose, I’d go with Michael Ignatieff. He needs to work on his public persona, put the kibosh on that stupid grin, and he needs to answer his questions with less evasion, but he’s got to be better than Stephen Harper who may be good with money, but in every other area of politics is full of lies. Harper is not an honourable guy. I don’t believe a word he says about anything. If the Conservatives want to win a majority, they need to get rid of Harper. I’d like to get rid of all of them, though (except Elizabeth May), and inject some new blood into politics. None of the leaders of the major parties are inspiring.

Winning Concert Tickets From CBC Radio

cbc radio 2So I’m waiting for my daughter’s drama class to finish outside in the car, reading the newspaper with CBC Radio 2 on, when the host says “the first 2 caller wins tickets to see Jasper Wood in Moncton on March 2 at the Capitol Theatre.”

Shit, I sayz. So I frantically dial the number as she repeats it (thankfully) 3 times, and no one answers – an answering machine. But I leave a message saying who I am and why I called.

I just (5 minutes ago) got off the phone with Olga Milosevich – the host of that CBC show I was listening to. She said that show is taped and she was just going through her messages tonight, and I was the 1st caller – I won the tickets.

Jasper Wood is a virtuoso violinist from Moncton.

Who wants to go with me?! Show’s at 8pm this Wednesday.

CBC Modifies Survey

CBC SURVEYAs reported earlier for a Steel White Table exclusive, but also picked up by The J-Walk Associate News Service (JWANS), so I guess that means it wasn’t an exclusive, and we’re not really reporters, are we? Hmm… Anyway, remember that CBC.ca survey from a couple days ago that ended with this message?

Unfortunately our quotas are full for responses from your category.

The JWANS wrote, “Wow, nothing like making a person feel useless. Why didn’t they just throw out his data? What point is possibly served by telling him that his time was wasted?”

The those questions caught the attention of the CBC who responded with the following:

First of all — my apologies. I regret that you received that message after taking the time to reply to the survey; the message has since been removed.

I have spoken with the company administering the survey and can assure you that all responses are being logged and all views will be taken into account as we look at making improvements to the news service at CBC.ca.

I’m impressed — impressed that my little complaint got noticed by the CBC and that a real person responded. Not bad. The response is appreciated.

Now I wouldn’t mind hearing from someone who has taken the survey since it was modified to let us know how it ends (not that I don’t believe what was stated in the CBC response — just curious). The system works!

(CBC’s full response can be read in the comments section of the original post.)