More Daylight Savings Time (Great)

I just read that the U.S. wants to extend daylight savings time: It would mean people would turn their clocks forward one hour on the first weekend of March [instead of April] and “fall back” on the final weekend in November [instead of October]. It’s supposed to save energy, but really it’s the answer to the question we’ve all been asking: “How can they make Daylight Savings Time an even

Photos Of Time

The Human Clock: shows a photograph of the current time, with the photo changing every minute of the day (all 1,440 occurring minutes on Earth!) Thus you end up with a rotating picture clock sorta deal. How the time is actually displayed is a whole different matter. A lot of photos have the time written on a crummy cardboard sign, while other photos might have the current time in a

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What Time Is It?

Mixed Up Clock: At first glance this clock appears to be okay, but a closer look reveals that something’s not quite right. I’d like to have one of those. (via J-Walk)

Earth’s Clock

EarthClock is a free Windows program that: displays a realtime view of the earth, and overlays a clock. It’s fully skinnable. Focus it on your city and watch the night slowly move in.