Review of Cobra Mini RC Helicopter

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I bought a small remote control helicopter a few days ago because I was walking through the mall and saw the helicopter flying around a kiosk and thought, “That is so cool.” RC HELICOPTERI was instantly hooked. The guy controlling it was an expert. I watched him fly several helicopters, from tiny ones to giant ones, performing all kinds of impressive manoeuvres. He made it look easy (it’s not easy). I asked questions for about 10 minutes, watched the guy fly a few more models, and then bought the cheapest one ($45), which happens to be the most durable model: The Black Hawk. [Apr. 05/11 update: The prices have gone up considerably since I bought the first helicopter and then ordered a replacement. The helicopter, and especially the replacement, is not worth $45, let alone the $65 they’re asking now. It’s a fun helicopter if you happen to get one that works, but it’s not worth the hassle if you don’t.] I’ve crashed it about a hundred times in the past few days and it still flies. I doubt I’ll buy a larger model, but this mini-helicopter (it fits in the palm of my hand) is fun to fly around the house — especially for people who like to torment their pets. The manufacturer, Cobra Toys, recommends the Black Hawk mini-helicopter for children over the age of 5. I’d be impressed by any 5-year-old able to control one of these helicopters without crashing it into a wall every 10 seconds. Realistically, here’s the deal:
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