Tim Hortons’ Cup Lids

tim hortons cup lidMost portable hot drink cups have a pre-made hole in its cover or one you have to make by bending a flap. Tim Hortons‘ lids have the second type, which fail 50% of the time for me.

Two main problems with Tim Hortons’ cup lids:

  1. Ripping the perforated plastic to the indicated line results in the rip going crooked or pass the line, making it impossible to fold down correctly.
  2. The cleavage on the ripped portion fails to fit in the receptacle on the main portion of the lid, so it doesn’t fasten down.

In either case you have these options:

  1. Rip the whole portion off, else it will remain unfastened and claw at your nose with every sip; however, ripping more off it often results in a drinking hole that ends up too big and slops the beverage over your face.
  2. Manipulate the plastic, trying to make it fit where’s it supposed to go, which can involve using your thumb to force the folded portion into its fastener. This often results in thrusting your finger through the lid into the scolding coffee or spilling it altogether. Option 1 above is often the next step.
  3. Remove the whole cover. This isn’t a practical option while you’re in an automobile or on the move.
  4. Go back to the store and ask for a new lid, so you can try again. I’ve never done this.

What are your experiences with coffee cup lids?