Cuban Resort Coffee

We had various coffee-based drinks at the Sirenis la Salina resort in Varadero, Cuba, during our Xmas vacation, and they were all good. We ordered from the 24-hour café four or five times a day and sampled every drink available. One of my favourites was an alcoholic coffee not on the menu simply called Spanish Coffee, essentially coffee with rum. Cuban rum is so sweet, though, it’s not at all

Toast Dipped in Coffee Or Tea

My grandfather used to eat toast dipped in tea for breakfast. He had no teeth. Today I dipped my buttered toast in coffee. I have all my teeth. Speaking of my grandfather, who’s dead but was a memorable character: – He had no teeth and didn’t wear dentures. – He was missing 3 or 4 fingers. – He often ate food straight from the can, unheated. – He used to

Corporate Guilt

In An Americano With an Extra Shot of Guilt, Please, Darren Barefoot observes the hypocrisy of a coffee shop, which he sums up nicely: We’re entirely comfortable selling you an environmentally insensitive product, but want you to feel guilty about giving us your money. Plus, [as filmgoer juan points out on Flickr] we’ve been unwilling or unable to find a more sustainable source for cups. It hints at the corporate

Not Quite Awake

After making my coffee this morning, I put the cream in the cupboard and sugar in the fridge. Have you done anything silly in the morning, before you’re fully awake?

Favourite Coffee Question

I recently bought a bag of organic fair trade coffee beans from Bolivia. $11.60 for a 500g, which is cheap for quality coffee beans. It’s the best coffee I’ve had in a long time. A smooth, medium roast. I drink it with cream and I love it. I’ve paid as much as $35 for Jamaican Blue Mountain, but that’s an over-rated and over-priced coffee. I’ve had coffee just as good