Black Coffee Makes Me Vomit

I once tried to wean myself off the cream and sugar I put in coffee. The first time I went cold-turkey, drinking just black coffee, I vomited an hour after I drank it. Maybe it was the eggs I ate with breakfast. The next day, drinking it black, I vomited it again about an hour after I finished the coffee. Maybe it was bad coffee. When it occurred the third

Coffee Poll

Here’s a question pertinent to the holiday season: How do you take your coffee? Black. with Cream. with Sugar. with Cream and Sugar. Don’t drink coffee.    Free polls from

Burning Coffee For Fuel

Java-log: The firelog made from spent coffee grounds. It was invented in 1998 by Rod Sprules, when one evening at his home, he conducted an experiment where he used dried coffee grounds from his coffee maker filter, combined it with candle wax and then compressed it with a pen into an old cigar tube. It burned so well that he then made prototypes in a loaf pan and gave it

Tim Hortons ain’t got no MSG – Part 3

Yesterday I sent an email to Tim Hortons asking if they put MSG in their coffee. Today I received their reply: Dear Ms. Cairns, Thank you for contacting us at our Head Office regarding the ingredients in our coffee. I want to first assure you that Tim Hortons coffee contains NO MSG as the rumour now circulating indicates. Our coffee consists only of the highest quality premium Arabica beans with

A double-double plus a pinch of MSG – Part 1

It’s come to my attention that there’s a rumor about Tim Hortons putting MSG in their coffee. According to they don’t: Tim Hortons coffee contains neither nicotine nor MSG. Indeed, it contains nothing other than coffee. Just as the USA has its Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to oversee the safety of commercially-sold ingestibles, so Canada has its Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). Neither agency would permit the inclusion