What Is Cold-fx And Does It Work?

cold-fxCold-fX is a drug developed in Canada that…

…can be used both for the prevention as well as relief of cold and flu infections… [It’s a] highly purified natural product obtained from roots of North American ginseng. It is comprised of poly-furanosylpyranosyl-saccharides.

I get a lot of colds and they tend to stick with me for months. I’ve had more than one person recommend this product to me, so I checked its price at Costco: 60 bucks for 180 capsules! Holy shit! The manufacturer, CV Technologies, IS making record profits, as expected (greedy bastards). The company uses a LOT of celebrity endorsements, which I don’t care about, but I suspect it helps their sales a lot. Macleans magazine wrote an article about its popularity, calling it “the celebrity cure”.

Has anyone else tried it? Maybe ginseng and Vitamin C supplements would be just as effective.

Update (Feb. 22, 2007): I’ve been taking Cold-fx since I first posted this and I’ve gotten a cold about once a month. It doesn’t work. I’m ALSO taking 1000mg of Vitamin C and multi-vitamins everyday. I just don’t wash my hands often enough, I guess.