Commemorative Coins – Enough Already!

canadian commemorative quarterSomeone should start a campaign to put an end to commemorative coins from the Royal Canadian Mint, especially those useless quarters that most of us don’t notice until we try to use them in a payphone and the damn things don’t work. One look at the latest quarter they’ve put out and I know that thing will never work in a payphone or a vending machine.

We’ve got stamps for commemorating things — and there is no chance of a commemorative stamp not working. Why not just stick with stamps, or at least cut back on releasing so many useless coins? There seem to be a handful of new commemorative coins coming out every month, but does anyone who isn’t a coin collector even pay attention them? Do Canadian tax dollars pay for the production of all these commemorative coins? And if so, why? Do we really need so many commemorative coins? Is the Royal Canadian Mint just another make-work project? What’s wrong with the traditional quarter? If it’s not broke, why fix it? I’d be happy to see most of these commemorative coins disappear.

I say this after trying to call a cab from a downtown payphone last night and going through 5 quarters in my pocket before I found one the payphone would accept.