That Honda Car Commercial

I saw this Honda commercial about a year ago, when it was posted on a lot of blogs; I was surprised I never posted it:

A single cog sets off a chain reaction that sets component parts of a Honda Accord in elaborate and orchestrated motion. Quite unlike any car commercial you’ve likely seen.

It’s slow, but mesmerizing. I think they faked the tires going up the ramp part.

Celebrities In Japanese Commericals

Arnold in an adJapander:

1. a western star who uses his or her fame to make large sums of money in a short time by advertising products in Japan that they would probably never use. ~er (see synecure, prostitute) 2. to make an ass of oneself in Japanese media.

A huge archive of Japanese commercials performed by celebrities, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Harrison Ford, Anthony Hopkins, and many more.