A Juice Container With A Built-in Stir Stick

To coincide with the new annoyances category, I’m creating an appreciations category (I didn’t want to appear too cynical; it’s just that it’s often easier to complain about things than compliment). This will include posts that compliment people, service, devices, or whatever makes one appreciate something more than usual. For example, I won’t be posting an entry about this keyboard I’m using for allowing me to type stupid entries like this; who gives a damn? Right (as if you gave a damn about other things I write).

The first item on my appreciation list: Jesus.

Haha! Had you going there for a second, didn’t I! (Not that there’s anything wrong with Christians.)

Real first item: a juice container we bought a couple of years ago. I’m not kidding. This is best juice container we’ve ever had and it was only 10 bucks. Its lid has a detachable rod that goes through its center, with a handle at the top and a rubber star-shape at the end which sits in the container. When you make juice concentrate in the container, you simply have to push the rod up and down to stir the contents: the stir stick is built in! I know! Brilliant! Now you don’t have to take the lid off, find a long spoon, stir the juice up, take the dripping spoon out, and put the lid back on before getting a drink: just push the built-in stirring rod up and down for a few seconds and you’re ready.

You have to have one to appreciate it. Honest. I’ll try to find a photo of one or take a picture of ours, because I know you’ll want one.