Roll Up The Rim To Win 2011

It’s Roll Up the Rim To Win time – Tim Hortons’ annual contest where you roll up the rim of specialled marked red and yellow cups.
roll up the rim to win tim hortons
This year’s (2011) prizes include:

  • 2011 Toyota Matrix
  • Panasonic 3D TV Package
  • Mountain Bike

And donuts. Lots of donuts.

This year they have an online game where you can win free coffee for a year.

I tend to buy more of their coffee when the contest is around. Do you?

Roll Up the Rim, Again

It’s Roll Up The Rim To Win time again at Tim Hortons.

roll up the win to win

Their sales sky-rocket during this promotion, where customers have to roll up the rim of their beverage cup to reveal if they won anything, which includes a car, donuts, muffins, coffees, and for the first time: a boat!

I don’t drink as much of their coffee as I used to; I won’t be keeping track of my wins and losses.

My wife works at Tim Hortons now, so officially, I’m not allowed to play. If I win a boat I’ll have to trust a friend to claim the prize for me.

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I Didn’t Win The Lotto, But I DID Win…

I received a call while in Ottawa from the company I order my home oil from:

Mr. Cairns? This is Blue Wave. You won a $2000 Entertainment Center.

After I tell them to Fuck Off, asking if they’re serious, they laugh (I like people who don’t take swearing seriously) and say they are serious. It’s the 2nd prize given in a contest for referring people to their company.

Congratulations also go out to Jody Caines from Moncton for winning a $2,000 Home Entertainment Package. Jody referred a friend to the Thermoshell branch in Moncton.

They spelled my last name wrong.

The $2000 doesn’t HAVE to go towards a Home Entertainment Package. I pick the electronic store I want the gift certificate made out to, where I could buy $2000 worth of blank VHS tapes.

So, what should I buy with my $2000?

Roll Up the Rim To Win (But Probably Lose)

As EVERY Canadian knows, Roll Up The Rim To Win is Tim Hortons’ annual contest that features their red and yellow cups labeled with prizes you can win. You peel back the rim to see if you have “WIN DONUT” or if you have to “PLEASE PLAY AGAIN / RÉSSAYEZ S.V.P. ©”

roll up the rim to win tim hortons

I’m going to try to keep track of my losing. I usually buy two cups of coffee a day. It’ll probably be three now.

Jody’s Roll Up The Rim To Win Statistics (Updated Mar. 13, 2007)

  • Number of wins: 2
  • Numbers of loses: 21
  • Total: 23

Percentage of wins: 9%

What I won

  • Donut: 1
  • Coffee: 1
  • $1000 cash: 0
  • iPod nano: 0
  • 42″ Plasma TV: 0
  • Toyota Camry Hybrid: 0

Total amount spent: $33.81
Value of amount won: $2.94

I’ve posted about the contest before, which was so popular (i.e. the post) that it received so many stupid comments that I had to shut that function off.

Update (March 13, 2007): I stopped buying Tim Hortons’ coffee. Money’s a bit tight around the house now, so I’m drinking the sludge provided for free at work instead. No more irregular updates to this post, if any at all.

LotoMania – I’m Going To Win This Year

Every fall we buy tickets for the red cross lotomaniaLotoMania, a fund raising lotto for the Canadian Red Cross. They have a lot of prizes I don’t care for (movie passes, magazine subscriptions…), but it’s the cold-hard cash I want: they promote it as “Live Free for a Year!! Over $50,000 VALUE!”, which includes the movie passes. I’ll take the cash.

The only other charity-type organizations we contribute to is the SPCA and the La Leche League, I think.