Cook’s Illustrated Online Subscription Service Is Broke

Cook's Illustrated magazineI tried to order a subscription to Cook’s Illustrated via their website, but as Greg likes to say, it “sucks ass”:

  • The “State” dropdown list doesn’t list Canadian provinces
  • The Postal Code can’t go in the “Zip Code” field, but at the end of your second address line instead.

When I submit the form, the form is displayed again with a red “Please enter your state or province” message, yet there’s no place to specify a province. I selected a State to try to fool it, but it complained with the same message.

And then I couldn’t easily find a way to contact them about the problem.

I emailed them the following:

Hi there,
Your online subscription service doesn’t appear to be working for Canadian orders. When I press Subscribe, the form is displayed again with these messages:
Please enter your state or province.
Please enter your zip or postal code.
Yet the “State” dropdown list doesn’t have values for Canadian provinces. I’ve attached a screenshot. How can I subscribe via online?
Also, I found it difficult to find a customer service email address. I assumed it would be under your Customer Service page, but it wasn’t; it was almost hidden at the bottom of this page. Frustrating.
Jody Cairns

I don’t read magazines regularly; I’d rather read a book; however, there is one magazine that never bores me: Cook’s Illustrated. It has detailed articles on how they perfected recipes, emphasizing common ingredients and no-nonsense techniques. And the best part: no ads! I’ve been reading it for many years.