Use Fake Answers For Security Questions

Ex-Credit Card Thief Recommends Making Up Fake Answers To Security Questions: In an interview, a former credit card thief talks about some of the scams he used to run on unwary consumers… instead of putting down the real answer to “What’s your mother’s maiden name?” put down “unicorn princess.” I’d never be able to remember the fake answers. Maybe you could put variations of the real answers. Some suggestions: Spell

Using A Credit Card Once

I recently purchased a swing set for my kids (the fun I had putting it together is another story) from Home Depot. A friend told me about their 10% discount if I apply for their credit card. 50 bucks off? Sure, why not. I received the shiny card today along with its statement with what I owe. I promptly paid the bill and then cut the card up, never to