Hockey Isn’t Big In Flint

I’m in Flint, Michigan for the week, and for a post about it I wanted to find some interesting Flint statistics; so I google flint statistics and the first hit is Flint Crime Statistics and Crime Data. Wanting to compare Flint’s crime rate with Moncton, the town I live in, I google moncton statistics and the first hit is hockey statistics.

’nuff said.

Arrest Yourself

The East Point Police Department in Georgia have a Self Arrest Form for your convenience:

A proposition has been announced recently to help reduce the deficit and to “Take A Bite Out Of Crime.” If you witness a crime, it is your civic duty to report the crime to the police. When a crime is committed, you have the right to make a “Citizen’s Arrest”. Thus, if YOU commit a crime, it would be extremely helpful for you to perform a Citizen’s Self-Arrest. Fill out the form, to complete your Citizen’s Self-Arrest.

Don’t forget to swear on their miniature Bible at the bottom of their page.