Do you ever go a whole day without swearing?

I’ve thought about it, and my answer is: Probably not. Even when I’m not cursing at something, eventually I drop an f-bomb somewhere within those 24 hours. So yeah, my answer is, “Probably not.”


I swear a lot. It’s usually unintentional. I think I do it because I find it projects a casual attitude, emphasizing I don’t take most anything seriously.

I bring this up because I’ve noticed more cursing showing up in the comments which I find strangely gratifying, but I’m concerned about it, too; a lot of people are offended by swearing, and I really don’t want to drive people away from this site.

(Now, do I insert an obvious joke here, insulting those people I really don’t want to offend?)

Here are some articles about swearing I googled: