Going To The Dentist

A dentist in someone's mouthI went to the dentist recently, which I hate. The buzzing of tools, bright lights, muffled conversations, screams of pain… I dread all of it, hoping they don’t find anything wrong with my teeth.

While I was reclining in the chair, I thought this would make a good blog post, thinking of some suggestions for dentists that may make experiences there comfortable:

  • Allow people to choose their music or radio station. Hearing the BillBoard Top 10 makes me cringe almost as much as the drill in my mouth. Listening to something I like would be a welcome distraction from fingers in my mouth.
  • Put reading material on the ceiling.
  • Ensure the staff doesn’t wear perfume or cologne. It’s nauseating more than usual when the wearer is standing one inch away from you.
  • Tell the patient what you’re doing, so you don’t have to ask, “What are you going to do with that jackhammer?”

Nothin’ Personal Doc, But…I Hate Dentists! appears to be an interesting book about this subject, although I have no desire to read about it.

Here’s a dentist joke I posted long ago.