Robot Dinosaurs – The Stage Show

This is astounding – Robodinos: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Planning to take over the world? Perhaps a 23-foot-tall robot dinosaur would help. The T. rexes shown above are each operated by two wingmen who run the blinks, twitches, and roars remotely, and a pilot who sits inside the chassis, Power Rangers-style. It’s from Walking With Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular.

A Review Of “End Of An Era” By Robert J. Sawyer

End Of An Era by Robert J. Sawyer Rating: (8/10) Dinosaurs are fantastical creatures that once existed. How cool is that?! Stories about dinosaurs are cool too, if told well. End Of An Era is a fun, quick read about scientists travelling to the Mesozoic, hoping to figure out why dinosaurs became extinct, when they discover that aliens had something to do with it. The story has elements of Robert