Kissing The Rear Of A Dump Truck

rear of a dump truckI was stuck behind a dump truck as I drove to work on my motorcycle this morning. We were approaching a section where the road merged into a double-laned highway, us currently driving in the left lane. I couldn’t see past the truck, but it was slowing down for traffic, so I glanced to my right to prepare to pass it (on the newly merged lane).

Me and a fucking dump truckWhen I looked in front of me the fucking truck had stopped! As I squeezed and pressed my brakes harder than necessary, I could feel the rubber on the tires coming off like an orange peel, with the back of the truck approaching closer, closer… I’m thinking “I’m not going too fast; it won’t hurt TOO much”… when my bike stops about a foot from the truck’s rear end.

The bike swerved a bit, but it didn’t stall. I switched down to first, glanced to my right for oncoming traffic, then raced past the fucking truck, beginning to shake with the realization that I was still alive. Fun times!