Selling My First Ebay Item

Space: 1999 – Set One- 1st six episodes of series (DVD) is my first ebay listing, and it’s for Phillip; he owns the DVD. He’s too lazy to create a PayPal account for payments. It took me 45 minutes to create the listing; you have to specify shipping options, images, payment instructions; and ebay tacks on lots of little charges for stupid shit like the listing’s layout, bigger images, and

Selling Clothes On Ebay

Sell Clothes on eBay: I sell old clothes on eBay all the time. As the seasons change, I evaluate my closet and determine what needs to go to charity and what could be sold. Used clothing on eBay seems to be dominated by children’s clothing, but you’d be surprised how easy and profitable selling adult clothes can be. We give old clothes to charity. I never thought someone would want