Your Desk Has Meaning

Stereotyping Your Office:

…the current issue [July 2005] of Psychology Today offers up what your office area says about you.

  • Level of Personalization – How much personalizing (i.e., decorating) a worker does to their space indicates the level of security in their environment.  They are comfortable enough to make it their own.
  • Tidiness – Although we try to hide this by shoving items in drawers, psychologists say this is a personality trait that is extremely difficult to change.  A neat and organized desk and workspace indicates a neat and organized person.  “No matter how hard people try to clean up, usually they can never fully hide their true nature.”?
  • The Empty Desk – Barren work spaces indicate a worker who has little status in the organization and who probably isn’t dedicated to his/her job.  These people simply are not committed.

More stereotypes are listed.

They don’t list my desk’s state: messy; disorganized; stacked with books, peanut butter, jam, bread, tins of tuna, cereal bars, and green tea; grocery bag full of empty recyclable juice containers; coffee stains; 25 pens; and bread crumbs.