How To Display A Dash In Excel

To display a dash (-) as the first character in a cell in Microsoft Excel (so it isn’t interpreted as a mathematical symbol), prefix the dash with an apostrophe, like so:

'- This value begins with a dash.

I’ve been programming in VBA for Excel and other products since VBA first came out, but I’m not an expert at using them as they were intended; I’d rather create a function to do some manipulation than create a formula, though I know a formula is often more efficient.

Software Misuse

Darren Barefoot writes about one incident of Microsoft Excel’s misuse. I’ve seen it used as a word processer, for games, as a database, and a drawing program.

I’ve received emails where the email’s content is in an attached Word document instead of in the email itself.

I’ve seen Flash used for a web site when HTML will do.

I’ve seen people use fancy, expensive programs to do screen captures when pressing the PrtScr button or Alt+PrtScr buttons will do.

Have you seen programs used for other than their intended purpose?