Newfoundland Beekeepers on Facebook

Mud Songs, the fabulous and famous Newfoundland beekeeping website that everybody loves is now on Facebook at Mud Songs (Nfld Beekeepers). All you have to do is “Like” it!

As of this date, Mud Songs is the only beekeeping blog originating out of Newfoundland. It records the trials, tribulations and triumphs of two backyard beekeepers who have been keeping bees in the cold wet climate of St. John’s, Newfoundland, since July 18th, 2010. They have two Langstroth hives with some conventional and foundationless frames. They’re learning as they stumble along, getting it wrong before they get it right. They make the mistakes so you don’t have to!

Join in the fun! It won’t hurt a bit. (Well, maybe a just a little.)

“The Social Network” is Okay, not Great

The Social Network tells the story of the guy who created Facebook. He’s a computer geek who would never have a girlfriend if he wasn’t a billionaire, and he knows it. Did he steal the idea for Facebook or was it his own creation? Does it really matter? “The Social Network” may be well directed and well acted, but it’s a movie about fratboys and Facebook, and I couldn’t get past my general distaste for both to care about any of it. I know filmmakers all over are praising the director, David Fincher, to the sky, and I’m sure he’ll collect loads of awards for his work, but he can do better than this.

(This is a recycled post.)

The meaning of “friends” has changed

friends tv showYou Have Fewer Friends Than You Think:

…no matter how many people you friend on Facebook, follow on Twitter, or connect to on LinkedIn, you can truly be friends with only 150 of them. If you have more than 150 people in your social circle, then you have to accept that the quality of those relationships is rather poor…

I’m not close to 150 and wouldn’t want to be.

The article suggests some ways to maintain close relationships with true friends, including:

Make a list of 10 close friends (parents count as 1 friend). Once a month, send each of them an email and schedule a time to meet, Skype or chat on the phone (aim for in-person chats as much as possible). Set aside an hour to catch up on life, work, hopes, disappointments and goals.

To You Facebook Users

This entry is coming from Steel White Table (SWT), the website Phillip and I (mostly Phillip) maintain.

Facebook automatically posts new SWT content – I rarely login to Facebook, and I never manually post content to Facebook.
So if you’re commenting on my Facebook content here (if you’re reading this in Facebook) I’m likely never going to read it.

So No: I did not go to Cuba. That was Philllip.

And No: I am not a bee keeper. That was Phillip.

Facebook sucks! Visit Steel White Table for all your entertainment needs!

This has been a public service announcement.

Postscript from Phillip (not Jody): Jody is one of my Facebook friends, but I block his news feed because the only things that show up from him are posts from Steel White Table, which I already know about. So if you leave any comments (to me) through his Facebook account, chances are I’m not going to notice them or respond to them. If you want to leave a comment, do it here, not on Jody’s Facebook account. I’m not much in love with Facebook either, but, meh, I can tolerate it.