Tim Blanks Is Leaving Fashion File

tim blanksFashion File seeks ‘star’ host to take show in new direction (link to CBC story removed due to it no longer being available):

Long-time host Tim Blanks is leaving the show [Fashion File] after 17 years to pursue a new opportunity…
[The producer] said he is seeking a host with confidence, resourcefulness, a great voice and the star personality needed to create a new image for the show.

Fashion File is a staple of every Canadian adolescent male, and not because of an interest in fashion.

Before the age of easily accessible porn, one was either lucky enough to have a dad that hid a stash of Playboys and Penthouse magazines, or even better, having a friend (thanks Tom!) who had a dad that collected porn movies; or watching television shows that MIGHT show something titillating. The swimsuit episodes were the best, which usually aired in the Fall.