Waiting for Fax Machines to Die

I ordered a piece of professional sound equipment online from a company in New York today. A few minutes after I placed the order, one of their sales reps sent me an email with a PDF form for me to fill out and sign and fax back to them. They also wanted a copy of the back and front of my credit card. It’s something the company has to do with all international orders. When did Canada become international? Anyway…

I called up a friend who’s ordered from the company before and asked him if it’s safe to give the company a copy of my credit card. He said it’s normal procedure when setting up an account with the company. I said okay, fine (though I don’t like it and I plan to cancel the card as soon as the order goes through).

But here’s my problem: I don’t have a fax machine. Why can’t I just scan the signed form and the credit card and send it to them as a PDF? But I play nice and fill in the form, scan my credit card and print it, and then I go down to the local drug store and pay $2.50 a page to send the fax to New York.
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