Firefox Add-on: NoSquint

NoSquint is one of my favourite Firefox add-ons because it makes at least half the sites I visit on a regular basis easier to read by making everything on the site bigger — the text and the images, and it does so without messing up the design of the site because proportions are maintained. Here’s an example:

Roger Ebert‘s site usually looks like this (click to view full-sized image):

When I crank NoSquint up to 150%, it looks like this, filing my screen and making it much easier to read (click to view full-sized image):

There you go. A nice little add-on for anyone with poor vision or anyone like me who can’t stand reading micro fonts.

UPDATE #1: Shows you how much I know. Just ignore me, folks. From the first comment:

In Firefox 3, it’s built in. Just use Ctrl+Mousewheel to change the size of the text and images. It even works with videos.

That’s how NoSquint works. I thought it was the add-on doing that. Time to uninstall NoSquint.

UPDATE #2: Cancel update #1. The Control-mouse wheel operation does nothing in my Firefox 3. When it does work, I wonder if the built-in Firefox function remembers the magnification for each site like NoSquint does, or do you have to increase the magnification every time you visit a site? And I’m running Firefox 3 on Windows XP. Maybe some things don’t work the way they should on other operating systems such as Vista. At any rate, time to reinstall NoSquint.

Firefox Addon Development

I have an idea for a Firefox addon that I’m considering developing, despite having a few other projects on the go (eg. specialized ftp client for Steve, website for a client…). In any case, I’m creating this post as a repository of Firefox addon development bookmarks. You’ll be the first to know if I ever get around to developing it.

Update (July 17, 2008): Firefox 3 stole my idea: they added a Most Visited bookmark folder that tracks the sites you frequent. Bastards.

firefox most visited button

Improve Firefox Using Extentions

Firefox has an Extension feature:

Extensions are small add-ons that add new functionality to Firefox. They can add anything from a toolbar button to a completely new feature. They allow the application to be customized to fit the personal needs of each user if they need additional features…

Here are the extensions I use:

  • Adblock removes unwanted content (i.e. ads) from pages. I’ve used this for so long I forget most websites have ads now. Filterset.G maintains a comprehensive list of filters you can add to Adblock.
  • SpellBound allows you to check spelling in any textbox area on a webpage via the right-click popup menu. Dictionaries are available in lots of languages.
  • Tab Mix Plus gives you more control over tabbed behaviour, such as loading popups you want to be loaded as tabs in the background, adding a Close button to each tab, and lots of other useful things.
  • Disable Targets For Downloads prevents blank tabs (or windows) from popping up for some types of downloads.
  • Restart Firefox. Most extensions don’t work after you install them until you restart Firefox. This allows you to but a “Restart Firefox Now” button on the toolbar. It takes awhile to get use to this feature; I still manually close and start Firefox, forgetting about this one button.
  • DownThemAll! enables you to download everything on a webpage, with lots of options.
  • Adsense Notifier displays your Google AdSense revenue in the status bar.