The meaning of “friends” has changed

friends tv showYou Have Fewer Friends Than You Think:

…no matter how many people you friend on Facebook, follow on Twitter, or connect to on LinkedIn, you can truly be friends with only 150 of them. If you have more than 150 people in your social circle, then you have to accept that the quality of those relationships is rather poor…

I’m not close to 150 and wouldn’t want to be.

The article suggests some ways to maintain close relationships with true friends, including:

Make a list of 10 close friends (parents count as 1 friend). Once a month, send each of them an email and schedule a time to meet, Skype or chat on the phone (aim for in-person chats as much as possible). Set aside an hour to catch up on life, work, hopes, disappointments and goals.

Keeping In Touch

One of the best friends I ever had moved to a different neighbourhood when I was in grade 8. His name was Halûk and his family was from Turkey, and for that reason some people thought he was a bit odd. But we always had a good time hanging out, and he never did anything to make me doubt his friendship. The neighbourhood he moved to wasn’t far away. I could have easily rode my bike to his house any time and we could have maintained our friendship. But I made no effort to see him after he moved and I completely lost touch with him. I didn’t understand my behavior at the time, and I’ve always regretted it. I bumped into Halûk at a mall a few years later. He had on Mega Death t-shirt with a leather jacket and he seemed angry. I said hello. He just looked at me like he didn’t know who I was and that was it. He kept walking and I haven’t seen him since.

I got to thinking about this because I’ve heard about people getting in touch with old friends through Facebook. I thought of who I might want to get in touch with again. Halûk probably hates my guts, so he’s out. After that, it was slim pickings. There were two, maybe three people — and it’s very likely I won’t even see those guys again either. Because I suck at keeping it touch. That’s my big revelation of the day.