Using Vegetable Oil In A Diesel Engine

Vegetable Oil as Vehicle Fuel: Using vegetable oil as fuel in diesel engines isn’t a new idea. Rudolf Diesel’s first engines were built to run on peanut oil for the developing world, which had no petrochemicals industry. Running your modern diesel car or van on veg is just going back to what the designer intended. An ordinary diesel engine cannot run on 100% pure vegetable oil without conversion. Veg oil

Burning Coffee For Fuel

Java-log: The firelog made from spent coffee grounds. It was invented in 1998 by Rod Sprules, when one evening at his home, he conducted an experiment where he used dried coffee grounds from his coffee maker filter, combined it with candle wax and then compressed it with a pen into an old cigar tube. It burned so well that he then made prototypes in a loaf pan and gave it